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          How Falun Gong treats family
          Adjust font size:   Close 银川晚报  2016-05-03


          1 Li Hongzhi Induces Practitioners to Despise and to Be Away from Families1.1 Human society is but the garbage dump, and cultivator is no longer human1.2 There's no real relatives in the human world and your real parents are in the universe1.3 The affection entangles your cultivation and prevents you from reaching Consummation1.4 To replace affection with benevolence, your families will be blessed in the paradise1.5 One is allowed to kill relatives in order to remove devils and to save people2 Falun Gong on Parents, Spouse, and Children2.1 Falun Gong on parents2.2 Falun Gong on spouse2.3 Falun Gong on children3 Experts and Scholars on Falun Gong Destroying Families3.1 Chinese experts and scholars on Falun Gong harming families3.2 Foreign experts and scholars on Falun Gong harming familiesAppendix: Individual CasesCase 1: Falun Gong Ruins My Whole FamilyCase 2: Male-Female Dual Cultivation Spoils Her HappinessCase 3: Li Hongzhi Destroys My Family CompletelyCase 4: Falun Gong Ruins My FamilyCase 5: Falun Gong almost Makes Me Isolated from All My Relatives and FriendsCase 6: Falun Gong Deprives Me of the Last Chance to Requite My MotherCase 7: Falun Gong Changes Me into an Inhuman Puppet






          1. Li Hongzhi Induces Practitioners to Despise and to Be Away from Families


          For a long period, in order to control the practitioners and recruit more followers, Li Hongzhi and Minghui advocated a lot of opinions and views in family and household life against traditional virtues and values, which have profound impact on practitioners, making them behave strangely and handle family issues against common sense and social standards, causing great damages to both their own families and to the entire society.


          The views that Li Hongzhi induces practitioners to despise and to be away from families can be summarized into five aspects:


          1.1 Human society is but the garbage dump, and cultivator is no longer human


          · Li Hongzhi says that the earth is a garbage dump, the human society is morally rotten and faces extermination and elimination


          "Earth is but the garbage dump of the universe...The human beings in the universe who are bad fall downwards, falling to the very center of the universe – Earth."[1]


          "In particular, the moral values of the human society are now declining very badly...society as a whole is declining...If you ... return to this original realm of human society, you will find even from not too high a level that today's people and the human society rather frightening! It is truly terrifying!"[2]


          "In this enormous universe, Earth looks just like an apple – an apple which has become rotten inside and out. Just like every individual human being, every particle inside of this apple is rotten. Then shouldn't this apple be destroyed, thrown away, or disposed of?...Now there's a rotten apple with worms all over it in your spotless room – why would you leave it there? If you insisted on leaving it there, wouldn't you be doing a bad thing? The same goes for this universe. The Earth has already become like that. Why not destroy it? If a god didn't destroy it, wouldn't he be doing a bad thing?"[3]


          Families are cells of the society; happy families serve as the foundation for the construction of a harmonious society, while a flourishing society ensures the peace of families. But according to Li Hongzhi, the earth is the garbage dump, human society suffers ten sins and is a rotten apple, facing numerous catastrophes as well as the fate of extermination and elimination. According to this logic, the families of garbage dump will also face extermination and elimination. Therefore, Dafa disciples won't manage to maintain their families and treasure their relatives like normal people do; instead, some chose to give up families and to commit suicide in order to reach Consummation, leaving their families in endless pains.


          He Qun, a Falun Gong practitioner in Jiangsu Province, neglected his family for the sake of returning to "paradise" and of "getting away from all the sufferings." He was arrested for engaging in such illegal activities as printing leaflets publicizing Falun Gong. And inside the detention house, he defied the law with a fast. At the news, his parents, wife and daughter went to wise him. His mother even knelt down in front of him, crying and begging him to think about the aged parents and the young kid, but still, he showed no mercy to them ... It's true that he gave up families and affections, yet after he was sentenced to a seven-year imprisonment, his parents took over the burden of life and the debts of the family for him, as well as the blow and pains caused by the leaving of their daughter-in-law and grand-daughter. The family that used to be so happy fell apart because of this. (Please refer to Case 1)


          Xu Huijun, a resident of Qiqihar City in Heilongjiang Province, used to be a happy housewife. But since she started to practice Falun Gong in 1998, her character became strange and families were nothing to her. On May 31, 1999, in order to get away from the so-called "catastrophe," she left her family behind and jumped out of the building. Another family was destroyed.[4]


          · Li Hongzhi says that cultivators are extraordinary beings, for they are on the journey to divinity


          "But as a cultivator you can't confuse yourself with an everyday person. To put it a bit seriously, you're no longer human...humans have various emotions and desires, and live for emotion (qing). During the course of cultivation you are gradually taking these things more lightly and gradually letting go of them until you completely discard them."[5]


          "The truth is, you're no longer one of the ordinary human beings, and you couldn't even go back anymore, you really can't. The difference between you and ordinary people has grown downright large."[6]


          "After all, the Dafa disciples are on a journey to divinity...That is the God arranges for you, and you are on the way to immortal."[7]


          "We don't seek the things ordinary people want, but what we gain is what ordinary people can't, even if they want to."[8]


          Since emotion is what ordinary human beings other than cultivators want, and since "cultivators" are no longer "ordinary human beings" and what "cultivators" seek after is those things "ordinary people" want but cannot get, then as cultivators superior to "ordinary human beings," facing the attractive paradise, how can they not look down upon "ordinary human beings" to be eliminated and how can they be willing to stay with the families in this garbage dump world?


          Xiaomei used to be a good wife; but since she became a Falun Gong practitioner in 1999 for the purpose of beautifying herself, she followed strictly the teachings of Li Hongzhi and became so obsessed that she even believed in the teaching of Li Hongzhi insisting that "cultivators are no longer ordinary human being." She dumped the true love in the world and got rid of her excellent husband as a piece of garbage. She ended up with a divorce, and a happy family that so many people envied broke up. (Please refer to Case 2)


          Liang Zhaofeng, an employee of Transportation Department, Guangdong Shaoguan Iron and Steel Group, started to practice Falun Gong since July 1997. After that, she changed a lot and obsessed the "practicing" so much that she no longer cared about either her husband or her son by discarding them as "ordinary human beings." Even when her husband had a car accident and her mother died of illness, she paid no attention to them at all; the family that used to be happy became miserable. Liang used to suffer intermittent headache, but after she became a practitioner, she refused to go to hospital for any medical care, holding that the illness was caused by the karma she committed during her previous life and that medical care was useless. At about 9:00 am on July 23, 1999, she committed suicide by taking pesticide.[9]


          1.2 There's no real relatives in the human world and your real parents are in the universe


          "In this life you are my family member, but in the next life who knows who we will be related to. Just in this lifetime is our relationship predestined. It's just like staying at an inn: you lodge there briefly for a night and then part ways the next day. Who could possibly take someone else's place?"[10]


          "Who are your real relatives?... From one life to another, how many parents, wives, sons, daughters, sisters and brothers have you had in each lifetime?... you are even unable to count them...Which ones are real?... Your real parents are in the place where the universe created you. That is where your parents are...Therefore, your real parents are right now watching you over there, hoping that you will return; but instead of returning, you get lost here and still feel that your relatives are all here."[11]


          According to Mr. Li, our real parents are in the universe, while "our relatives on the human world" just lodge here briefly and, through the cycle of death and rebirth, they're your relatives during this life but you have no idea who'll be your relatives in your next life. In this case, the cultivators will neither take care of their parents nor care for any relationships. They don't have to fulfill their family duties or to have any affection to their relatives, and the only thing they do is to practice so as to return to the paradise earlier, for that's their real home where they can find their real parents and other relatives.


          After Liang Xuelin retired from Huitong County Film Corporation in Hunan Province, she began to ignore her bed-ridden husband suffering cerebral haemorrhage as well as two minor sons after her practicing Falun Gong. She believed that she had passed the test of affection. But what did she get in return? Her husband died of acute cerebral haemorrhage after falling from the bed on June 14, 2002; both of her sons took drug, the elder one was arrested and served his term of imprisonment as a result of engaging in a robbery in order to get some money for drug, and the younger one was sent to the detention center. (Please refer to Case 3)


          On February 16, 2001, Tan Yihui, a practitioner from Changde City, Hunan Province, burned himself with gas at the crossing of south Wanshou Road, Haidian District, Beijing. Wu Sixi, his mother, cried in anger: "The evil Falun Gong killed my son; Li Hongzhi, give back my son. I curse you, Li Hongzhi! Listen to me, all you practitioners, don't trust the nonsense of Li Hongzhi any more. If you insist on doing this, you'll be totally ruined, your families will be ruined, more mothers will cry in pains just like me."[12]


          1.3 The affection entangles your cultivation and prevents you from reaching Consummation


          · Li Hongzhi says that people on the earth suffer a lot, but the Buddhas in the heavens enjoy the ultimate life of leisure


          "In Buddhism it's believed that being human is suffering hardship – as long as you're a human being you have to suffer."[13]


          "Buddhas in the heavens have no hardship. All they have are pleasant things, joyful things, and they can have whatever they wish – the ultimate life of leisure."[14]


          "If you succeed in cultivating into a great god or a great Buddha...you will be able to hold the earth in your palm with no effort at all."[15]


          "Human cells will be gradually replaced by the high-energy matter...this person's body will no longer degenerate."[16]


          If people in this world have to suffer a lot and have to live in pains, while to be Buddha in the heaven will live forever and can have whatever they wish, then who's willing to support their families or to be ordinary human beings?


          After he retired due to illness from Changsha Logo Band Factory, Guo Jianrui ran a small bookstore. He had a caring wife Ye Sijing, who did most works of shop-keeping, stocking, and household chores since Guo was sick. Although the income was not high, yet they lived a happy life together. Ye Sijing started to practice Falun Gong in 1997 and spent less and less time in the bookshop. She would leave home for one week, a dozen of days, and then had no time for the bookshop at all, let alone stocking books for the shop. It seemed that she was a totally different person. As for practicing Falun Gong, Guo had always been against it and he talked to his wife: "Li Hongzhi wants people to get away from the society and from the family so as to reach ‘Consummation.' But what's so good about ‘Consummation'? Without family and relatives, why would you want ‘Consummation' for?" But Ye Sijing insisted that what Falun Gong teaches isTruthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance, that to practice Falun Gong will lead her to reach "Consummation" and to "go to the paradise." What hurt Guo Jianrui the most was that, with the influence of his wife, their filial son started to practice Falun Gong too.


          Ye Sijing did nothing all day long except for practicing and sleeping; their business declined quickly. To make things worse, the performance of their son at school became increasingly poor. One day, the son, who didn't know anything better, put a kitchen knife close to his own neck and threatened his father: "Leave me alone, or I'll kill myself." A family that used to be so happy no longer exists because of Falun Gong.[17]


          · Li Hongzhi says that those practicing Falun Dafa will return to the paradise and get rid of all the sufferings in this world


          "We come here not to be human beings but to suffer and to eliminate karma instead. Only through ‘practicing', suffering, and eliminating karma can we resume our inborn nature, to return to our original true self, and to go back to our own heavenly paradises."[18]


          "You are brought out of the ordinary human state, which is the most miserable, and taken to high levels so that you'll never suffer again and be liberated."[19]


          "To save you to heavens away from the suffering of mankind, that is truly and fundamentally solving the issue of human suffering."[20]


          "Inborn quality is a condition from birth, Right enlightenment is the reason for a high-level person's wisdom. With Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance in the heart, there is Dao, Cultivating Falun Dafa can lead to Consummation."[21]


          Most Falun Gong practitioners are weak in mind; so when they can't find any solutions to the difficulties and hardships they come across in life, they will turn to these points of view for comfort and consolation. When they know that practicing Falun Dafa will help them to get away from the earth and from all the sufferings, this becomes the last straw for them before being drowned. They will grasp it tightly no matter what, even if this means to give up affection, to abandon their families, and to break the laws.


          Li Guanglian, a teacher of a primary school in Yishui County, Shandong Province, used to have a happy family. Both her husband and she had good jobs, and they had a smart daughter. Li started to practice Falun Gong in 1998, and since then, she believed firmly that to be an ordinary human being was very painful and she determined to do whatever she could to get away from this. Accordingly, she didn't treasure relatives any more and took them as the obstacles on her way of practicing, believing that families are garbages. In order to reach Consummation, she finally left home, abandoning her husband and daughter, saying that she would "give up everything for the sake of Falun Gong." She divorced her husband and her family became another victim of Falun Gong. (Please refer to Case 4)


          · Li Hongzhi says that those refusing to let go of affection will not reach Consummation


          "Those who are attached to affection for family will definitely be burned, entangled, and tormented by it. Pulled by the threads of affection and plagued by them throughout their lives, they will find it too late to regret at the end of their lives. "[22]


          "If you don't sever emotion, you won't be able to cultivate."[23]


          "Whether you can let go of ordinary human attachments is a fatal test on your way to becoming a truly extraordinary being."[24]


          "Cultivate away fame, material interest, and emotion, Reach Consummation, ascending the firmament"[25]


          Since affection is the obstacle for cultivation and the only way to reach Consummation is to sever it and one will become Buddha after reaching Consummation, being able to have access to the Pure Land where they can get whatever they wish, so the practitioners will no longer treasure the true love in this world, will try all the means to get away from the relatives, and some even hurt their relatives in order to pass the "test of affection." Some practitioners take their relatives as the demons on their way of cultivation and, in order to reach Consummation and to remove the devils, they even killed their relatives.


          The younger brother of Liu Changhong, a primary school teacher in Dandong City, Liaoning Province, had leukemia and the family was very anxious. Liu soothed both her grandmother and parents, and took good care of her bed-ridden brother. When the doctor talked to them that the only hope for the boy was marrow transplant, Liu Changhong didn't hesitate to offer hers. But everything changed after Liu started to practice Falun Gong in 1998, for she determined to remove all the "attachments" as well as "fame, material interest, and emotion." Because Li Hongzhi teaches that: "All your attachments, as long as you have them, all have to be worn down in different settings...Cultivation is something you do right in the thick of tribulations. They'll test whether you can sever your emotions and desires, and they'll see if you can take them lightly. If you're attached to those things you won't be able to finish your cultivation." Falun Gong turned a loving family cold-blooded and ruthless.[26]


          In the article Falun Gong Changes Me into an Inhuman Puppet, Falun Gong practitioner Liang Xiuyun recalled the sad memories that, when her husband fell ill and nobody took care of their son, she still managed to protest for Li Hongzhi and Falun Gong ...The tearful policewoman said to her: "Your husband's getting worse because of you, so you have to wake up to reality right now, or you'll never see him again." But still, she turned a deaf ear to these words and had but one thought: Discard fame, material interests and emotions, you'll gain the Consummation in the heaven. So when her shock-headed husband in sallow complexion went a long way to visit her at the labour camp, she showed no compassion at all and even took him as the "devil" interfering with her cultivation. (Please refer to Case 7)


          1.4 To replace affection with benevolence, your families will be blessed in the paradise


          · Li Hongzhi proposes "benevolence" as the replacement for affection and emotion, so that the practitioners will feel reassured to give up and hurt relatives


          "If you are free from this sentimentality, nobody can affect you. An everyday person's mind will be unable to sway you. What takes over in its place is benevolence, which is something more noble."[27]


          "'If I really cultivate well in this regard, if I'm really not affected by emotion, I'll be just like a big rock.' No, it's not like that at all – cultivators are compassionate,...when you truly have compassion toward sentient beings, then there won't be any more emotion to trouble you, and none of your family members that you have an issue of emotion with will again say that you're heartless towards them."[28]


          "Compassion is not emotion! Ordinary people have emotion. Only when you have ascended and no longer have emotion (qing) can you truly understand what compassion is...After a human being gets rid of emotion (qing), his compassion will come forth."[29]


          So the practitioners won't feel guilty for giving up emotion and affection, for they have sublimated to the benevolence as Enlightened Beings, and, instead of being selfish and ruthless, they think themselves as noble beings. They usually say: "Your ordinary people only have low-level and selfish feelings, our cultivatorshave compassion toward sentient beings and this is selfless." So practitioners believe that they hurt their families out of a nobler benevolence, for they don't be driven and restricted by the feelings of ordinary people, for they want something nobler and to have compassion toward sentient beings.


          In the article Falun Gong almost Makes Me Isolated from All My Relatives and Friends, the victim Zhao Xiaoping believed that to give up affection and attachments is something "noble and showing compassion toward sentient beings." (Please refer to Case 5)


          Another example is Zhang Zhenyu, a practitioner in Shandong Province, when his mother was at death's door, he was away from home making contributions to Dafa, leaving his mother unattended and not being able to enjoy the filial piety of the son. Just as what Zhang Zhenyu said after waking up from all these: "Falun Gong made me lose human nature and deprived me of the last chance to requite my mother." (Please refer to Case 6)


          · Li Hongzhi brings forward such teachings as "saving people and getting them to the paradise" and "rewarding the relatives with blessings," so that the practitioners will believe what they have done is wondrously noble


          "A portion of the lives that you harmed will become beings in the paradise you will have after you Consummate, so it will turn into a good thing."[30]


          "If some of us have done great things, or have done well in our cultivation, these persons' parents might even benefit from the connection and be saved and brought up. ...People say that when a person does cultivation, his ancestors acquire virtue, and that if you succeed in cultivating Buddhahood your parents will have acquired great virtue."[31]


          "A practitioner will benefit the entire family."[32]


          Since "the lives that you harmed will become beings in the paradise you will have after you Consummate," Dafa disciples hurting their relatives become good people helping others. In this way, Li Hongzhi covers up the truth of harming relatives with "rewarding with blessing" so as to find a reassuring excuse for those giving up emotion and hurting relatives. That's why the practitioners will always say: "We know that our families suffer a lot because of us, we will reward them in future." They even believe in "saving people to reach Consummation" advocated by Li Hongzhi and killed their relatives, believing that's the best way to reward them.


          Zhang Zhenyu used to be a filial son. But after he became a Falun Gong practitioner in 1995 in order to "cultivate heart and to be a better person"; he didn't care about his parents any more. After Falun Gong was banned by Chinese government according to law in 1999, he went to Beijing with his wife twice for reaching Consummation, leaving their five-year-old son at home. His over 60-year-old father had to take care of the bed-ridden mother, the 80-year-old incompetent grandmother, as well as the young boy; the father could hardly find enough time to take care of the old and the young, let alone to do harvest in the field. But at that time, Zhang Zhenyu totally believed what Li Hongzhi said: "When he succeeds in cultivation later on he'll get whatever he wants just by extending his hand, he'll have anything he wants, and he'll be able to do whatever he wants to," and that "after you succeed in cultivation, you can bring your relatives to the paradise you will have." In this way, they console themselves with the so-called "rewarding with blessing" advocated by Falun Gong when they do harms to their relatives ruthlessly. But what Falun Gong rewarded his family after Zhang Zhenyu made a lot of contributions to it was the sad parting with his mother forever. (Please refer to Case 6)


          On the afternoon of November 25, 2001, obsessed practitioner Fu Yibin killed both his father and wife brutally and injured his mother seriously at his house located on West Street, Deshengmen, Xicheng District, Beijing. Fu Yibin said: "Why would I do it to them? I did this out of a filial piety, for I wanted to help them to get away from the sufferings and to bring them to a higher and nobler place ... From the perspective of (Falun) Dafa, I believed that this is the right path in the world. I did this from the perspective of Dafa ... I killed them, so that the entire family of mine will go to the Pure Land, enjoying eternal happiness, after I reach Consummation." Fu Yibin was so perverse after he committed terrible crime that he even regretted for not killing his mother and not bringing her to the "paradise," blaming himself for not fulfilling his duties.[33]


          1.5 One is allowed to kill relatives in order to remove devils and to save people


          · Li Hongzhi declares that those interfering with the study of Fa are demons and that in order to remove the demons, killing is allowed


          "The wretched demons just deserve to be killed."[34]


          "If the evil has already reached the point where it is unsavable and unkeepable, then various measures at different levels can be used to stop it and eradicate it...Completely eliminating the evil is for Fa-rectification, and not a matter of personal cultivation."[35]


          Li Hongzhi announces that all interfering with the study of Fa are demons; but in a family, the members not practicing Falun Gong must be demons preventing the cultivator from cultivation, for no ordinary person will do nothing but let their relatives being obsessed by the cult. In this sense, the conflicts between cultivators and other family members not practicing Falun Gong, the "ordinary human beings," is inevitable. The practitioners are busy with cultivation and have no time for household responsibilities, which have been on the shoulders of those members not practicing Falun Gong. Further, what the cultivators want are different from those sought after by "ordinary human beings," for they want "to go up to the paradise and to gain Consummation," which is craved for but beyond the reach of "ordinary human beings." Accordingly, in order to gain Consummation, the family members practicing Falun Gong ignore affection and emotion, discard the love between husband and wife, living a different life; some even commit suicide or kill others for the sake of Consummation, bringing endless pains to other family members. No "ordinary" family members seeking happiness and loving life will tolerate heartless practitioners; so in case they continuously pursue cultivation, the family conflicts will inevitably become intense, and the inevitable fate for these families is a broken marriage and a broken family. Even if they manage to be together for certain reason, the family actually cease to exist except in name and there is no happiness for all family members. Just like this, with the abetment of Li Hongzhi in the name of "removing the demons," some Dafa disciples even killed other family members and destroyed many families that used to be so happy.


          At night on February 25, 1998, Wu Deqiao living in Jiangsu Province practiced Falun Gong at home and his wife talked to him in the hope of stopping him. Wu killed his wife with a kitchen knife.[36]


          On April 22, 2002, in order to remove the demon, Guan Shuyun, an obsessed practitioner in Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province, strangled her about 9-year-old daughter Dai Nan before over 40 Falun Gong members .[37]


          On February 20, 2001, Wei Zhihua, a Falun Gong practitioner from Longgang District, Shenzhen City of Guangdong Province, realized the vicious nature of Falun Gong and swore "never to be Li Hongzhi's disciple again." More than a dozen obsessed Falun Gong practitioners including her husband thought she was a "devil" damaging reputation of the "Dafa." As a result, they bound her and covered her mouth and nose in cold blood. Wei Zhihua was suffocated to death.[38]


          · Li Hongzhi also says that in order to save people and bring them to the paradise, killing is allowed


          "If a large being is killed by someone, then that person's sins and karma become enormous, especially when it's a human being who is killed. So when someone has generated such karma he has to pay it off...But as for the very real, awful situation the beings are in, their painful enduring, and their material loss after they are killed, the cultivator will have to, in the process of consummating everything of his own, save those beings or repay them with blessings using the fruits of his cultivation. Then from that perspective, the compensation the killed beings receive far exceeds what they would have received among humans. And this has thus settled malevolent predestined relationships with benevolent solutions."[39]


          "At the same time, a portion of the lives that you harmed will become beings in the paradise you will have after you Consummation, so it will turn into a good thing. If the to-be-harmed life knew, ‘Oh, I'll go to a Buddha's paradise in the future,' it would stretch its neck out to let you kill it. It would happily, cheerfully let you kill it."[40]


          "The Three Realms are the reverse of everything in the cosmos, so the Fa's principles have also provided beings at this level with reversed principles suitable for the existence of everyday people."[41]


          Although homicide is a crime in the world of human beings, yet according to Li Hongzhi, the truth in this world is opposite to that at a higher level, where this is not homicide but to save people, that is, the one being killed will be saved and brought up to the paradise to be immortal. Accordingly, when the practitioners kill their relatives, they don't think they've done something wrong and harmful, instead, they believe that they have taken those killed to the paradise for ultimate happiness. At these opinions of Li Hongzhi, when some practitioners have practiced long enough to reach certain level, they believe that they have the power to save others through killing them, including their relatives, in order to save and bring them to the paradise.


          Late at night of February 3, 2002, Dong Li, a villager living in Xijie, Dapingfang Town, Chaoyang County, Liaoning Province killed his 37-year-old wife Meng Xiurong and 14-year-old daughter Dong Yudan who were soundly asleep brutally with an iron pickax. Dong Li said that the "Great Sacred King" Li Hongzhi told him that the sky would fall down and the land would collapse beneath our feet, that those going up to the paradise would be God and Buddha in the "World of Falun," that those failing to do so would transform into pigs and dogs. In order to practice "Falun Dafa," a family that used to be so happy was totally ruined.[42]

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